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How We Use Barcode On My Mak Buddy?

Barcodes can make order management extremely easy and fast.

A barcode consist of bars and spaces and is a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters.


My Mak Buddy use barcode to make order management faster. It can be found on customer’s invoice and order details available on customer’s order details

Yes barcodes can be used on mobile phones. Android tablets and iPads can also be used for scanning barcodes.

You can learn how to scan barcodes using devices from the link below.

Yes. Barcodes can be used on computers (Windows and Mac OS) using supported barcode scanners.

Learn how to use barcode scanner on computer by clicking the link below.

It helps vendor/seller to immediately check order using the scanner.
It also gives capability to the vendor/seller to mark the order complete or checkin/checkout instantly.

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