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Account Opening for customer on My Mak Buddy is easy. Articles under this topic teaches how to open Customer Account.

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Learn About Account Basics

November 23, 2021 35
This article contains Account Basics (types of accounts) on MyMakBuddy. Types of Accounts There are two types of Account in My Mak Buddy. They are Customer and Vendor Account. Types Of Account in My Mak Buddy Customer Account This account is for customers. Using this account,...
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How To Open Customer Account

November 23, 2021 13
This article will guide you in opening a Customer Account. Open Website First of all go to website. Click on My Accounts in the header section. Go to Registration section. Registration Section Enter Credentials Enter your Credenti...
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Become Wholesale Customer

November 23, 2021 7
This article will guide you on how to become a wholesale customer on MyMakBuddy Connected E Market. Some stores may offer discounts on wholesale of products. You can become a wholesale customer to avail this discount. Become A Wholesale Customer Go to Customer Dashboard and click on ...
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How To Reset Password

November 23, 2021 13
This article contains instruction on how to reset Password. Steps First of all, go to My Account. Click on "Lost your password?". Click On "Lost your password?" Then, enter your Mobile Number/Email and click Reset Password. Password Reset Usi...
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How To Convert Customer To Vendor Account

November 23, 2021 7
This article will guide you on how to convert Customer Account to Vendor Account. Login To Customer Account First of all, login to your Customer Account. After logging in from dashboard click on Become a Vendor. Click On "Become a Vendor" Then you will be taken to Account Update...
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