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This article contains tips on what should be included in Shipping Policy.

A good Shipping Policy is the key to Customer satisfaction.
Give some time to create a perfect Shipping Policy.

Shipping Rates And Costs

Displaying shipping costs gives your customers a chance to review and calculate their total costs before they shop around.


Showcasing shipping costs becomes even more important for international customers who may not qualify for certain offers such as free shipping.


Many times, shipping charges vary between shipping retailers significantly due to an increase in carrier charges, so you’ll want to be as transparent as possible for customer satisfaction.


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Shipping Methods

Whether you offer one or several shipping methods, list out the different methods and the expected business day estimated delivery times for each.

Delivery Times

This can be shown using a simple table format with one column displaying the different methods such as standard shipping or express shipping and another one with expected processing time frames.

Shipping Restrictions

If you have any shipping restrictions, such as shipping to certain states, regions, countries or PIN codes, you will want to display them in your Shipping Policy.


Sometimes, state/region/zone legislation may prevent some products from being shipped to certain locations. Be very clear on what restrictions exist and who is impacted by them.

Delivery Time

Delivery time should be included in Shipping Policy. This will give transparency to the Customers and their expectations will be met always if delivered on time.

Missing Or Lost Packages

There are several reasons why a package gets lost or becomes a delivery exception and most of the times it is out of your control.


But directing customers on what to do if a package goes missing gives peace of mind.


You can do this by easily displaying contact information (you can add Whatsapp Chat on your store) and directions on how to report missing or lost packages trough store support/contact/email etc.

International Shipping

If you offer international shipping, you will want to include a statement on who is responsible for customs and import duties.


Showcase your international shipping policy by communicating which carrier handles your international shipments and who takes care of international taxes, charges, and any additional fees etc.

Return Information

If your customers are about to make an order, they are likely to be interested in how your store manages returns.


Many online stores display a return and exchange policy on the same page as the shipping policy.

Refund Information

Including when customers can expect a full refund according to the refund policy will help you to gain their trust.


My Mak Buddy will take in 6 hrs-14 days refunds to be processed if payment gateway(Razorpay) of My Mak Buddy is used.

Cancellation Information

It is always a good idea to include conditions on which customers can cancel their orders. This will protect you if you deny an order cancellation.

Exchange Information

It is a must to include conditions on which customers can exchange their orders. This will protect you if you deny request for an order exchange.

If you allow Store Pick up, remember to include that you allow Store Pickup only when your store is open in your Shipping Policy.


Spending some time on writing a Shipping Policy will gain the trust of the Customers and protect you from legal issues too.


Thank you for reading.

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