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Updating shipping information will keep your Customer informed about the status of their orders. At the same time, they will also have the capability to check the status of the courier/shipping.

How Updating Shipping Information Helps

Updating Shipping information will add details to an order related to the shipping of the Order. Who doesn’t want to get their stuff fast?

Updating shipping information will notify the customer and they will have information regarding the following:-

  1. Shipping/Courier Company
  2. When it was shipped/despatched?
  3. Tracking number

Customers can check the details of their Orders using the shipping information. Resolutions if required can be sorted out between the customer and your shop based on this information easily.

How To Update Shipping Information

Here is how you can update the shipping information of an order:-

  1. Log in using your Vendor Account
  2. Go to Orders
  3. Click on Create New Shipment
  4. Then, the option for adding shipping information will apprear
Shipping Information Large

The option to add shipping information will look like the following screenshot 👇🏻

Option To Add Shipping Information Large
  1. You can select one or more products here. You can create more than one shipment if you ship in multiple shipping.
  2. Select Shipping Status here. This will be updated to the customer also as soon as you create the shipment.
  3. Add Shipping Provider here.
  4. Select Date Shipped here.
  5. If you want to add a comment, you can add it here. The same will be notified to the customer also.
  6. Select this to notify the customer. Otherwise, customers will not get notified.
  7. Click here to create a shipment with the details you have entered.
  8. Alternately you can add shipping details by clicking Tracking Number also.


That’s all in how to update shipping information on MyMakBuddy.

Thank you for reading.

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