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This article will guide you how to set up store vacation/day off.

It is important to have this feature while taking a vacation or when you want to close your store on a specific day or days.
You can also use this feature to update stock in your store.


First of all, log in with your Vendor Account and go to Settings.

When you check the Check Box of Go to Vacation, options will appear.


Two boxes; Closing Style and Store Vacation Message will appear.

Closing Style again has two options : Instantly Close and Date Wise Close.

Closing Style : Instantly Close

If you choose Instantly Close, you will disallow Customers to place an order in our store.

Store Vacation Instantly Close
Store Vacation And Day Off 5
  1. Select Instantly Close.
  2. The message that you want to display can be entered in Store Vacation Message box. This notice will be shown to your Customers.
Store Instantly Close As Seen On Store Page
Instantly close message as seen on Store Page
You can use this feature to update the stock quantity of products in your store.

Closing Style : Date Wise Close

This option can be used for closing your store date-wise. It may be extremely relevant for those stores whose order fulfillment is based on store pickup.

Store Datewise Close
Store Vacation And Day Off 6
  1. Select Date Wise Close.
  2. Enter Starting Date.
  3. Enter Ending Date.
  4. You can write vacation message that you want to display on your Store Page.
  5. Click Save to save the message.
  6. As soon as you save it will appear in vacation list.
  7. You can hover and click edit or delete the vacation.

You can delete as well edit vacations in your vacation list. Just hover your mouse or touch at the corner for the edit/delete option to appear.

Store Setup Vacation List
Edit or Delete Vacation from Vacation List
You can add more than one vacation to your vacation list.


Store Vacation is a feature for vendors to manage/control stores better.

Thank you for reading.

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