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This article will guide you in Store Profile Setup.

This guide will assist you to complete your Store Profile.
Setting up profile will take less than 5 minutes.

Login To Vendor Account

First of all, login using your Vendor Account. It will look like the following screenshot. Then go to Settings.

Settings In Vendor Account

Store Profile will look like the following screenshot. Let’s cover in smaller parts to understand easily: –

Store Profile

Store Banner And Profile

Upload a Store Banner. Dimensions should be 625X300 (preferably 16:9) or you can crop during upload.

You can use free tool like Canva to create banner in fixed dimension.

Note : If you try to crop photos which are not in the above dimension, you may not be able to crop. Please contact support if you want any assistance in uploading banner.

Profile progress – 75% for banner upload.

This is how banner is seen from Vendor Dashboard
This is how banner is seen on Store Page

Now upload a Profile Picture.

Profile progress – 15% for profile picture upload.

Profile picture will show up as circular button on marketplace as well as store page. Sample screenshots are shown below 👇🏻

Profile Photo as seen on Marketplace
Profile Photo as seen on Store Page

Now, let us complete the remaining profile setup of Part – 1.

Store Details/Credentials

  1. Store Name : Check and update if Required
  2. Store Categories : You can select more than one category. It’s important to choose Store category to make Customers understand kind of store you own.
  3. Store Product Per Page : Select number of products that you want to show per page in your store. Default value is 22 (after 22 items on first page you need to click Next to see other items)
  4. Phone Number : Enter your store’s phone/mobile number.
  5. Multiple Location : If you store is located in more than one place select this option and enter other store locations.
  6. Location Name : Enter Location name to identify when you have more than one store location. Otherwise, you can leave it as it is (default).
  7. Address : Enter your shop address. It will be displayed on marketplace and on your shop profile.
  8. Save Location : After entering location click on Save Location.

Override Invoice Number

By default Override Invoice Number is not select which means it uses the invoicing system of MyMakBudddy.

If you tick Override Invoice Number, the options will appear as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

  1. Next Invoice Number : This is to be entered in numerical without prefix/suffix.
This is the number that will be used for the next document. By default, numbering starts from 1 and increases for every new document. Note that if you override this and set it lower than the current/highest number, this could create duplicate numbers!

2. Invoice Number Format : Use this if you want to use the invoice year/month. Use the code [invoice_year] or [invoice_month] respectively for year and month.
3. Suffix : Use this if you want to add any suffix.
4. Number Of Digit : Enter the number of digit that you want to want. Let’s say you choose 5, and you chose next invoice number as 1, then your invoice numbering will start from 00001.
5. Reset Invoice Number Yearly : Select this checkbox if you want to reset the invoice number every year.

Email And More Products

  1. Email : Check the checkbox if you want to make your email visible on your Store Page.
  2. More Products : Check the checkbox if you want more products option to appear on product single page view. (Recommended to be checked)

Store Location

Set your store location. Customers can find you if you set your location from marketplace.

  1. Enter full address and search.
  2. You can even include Pin Code.
  3. You can choose Satellite view for more clarity. If you choose Labels, it will show names of streets and marked places on map.
  4. Move around the Red Place Mark📍 and set your store location accurately.
  5. You can zoom in and out using + and sign. You can also drag around the map.
Normal Map View
Satellite Map View
Zoomed In Map With Labels

Terms And Conditions

By default, checkbox for Terms and Conditions is not checked.

If check box is checked, you will have the option of showing your own store Terms and Conditions in your store page.

It is always recommended to have a store Terms and Conditions.

Store Opening And Closing Time

You can also set your store timings. Once this checkbox is checked, you will have option of setting store timings.

If you select this option, remember to set the timing for both opening and closing to show it in your store. If you don’t change the default timing, it will not show up in the store.

  1. Open/Close : You can set whether store will open on a particular week day or not.
  2. Store Opening Time : You can set store opening time here.
  3. Store Closing Time : You can set store closing time here.
  4. Store Open Notice : Whatever you write here will appear on your store page when your store is open.
  5. Store Closing Time : Whatever you write here will appear on your store page when your store is closed.

Once Store Timings are set, it will be visible on Store Page like the screenshot below 👇🏻

Store Timing as seen on Store Page

It is very important to show store timings for those who allow store pickup.

GST Number

Enter GST Number of your shop. If you do not enter the correct State, GST number will not be accepted by the system.

Go to Vacation

Covered separately in Store Vacation Article.

MMB has the option of vacation to keep days off. Refer Store Vacation Article to learn more about vacation or day off.

PAN Number

Enter Business/Personal PAN Number here. This PAN Number will be displayed on the Invoice which will be generated when customers place an online order in your store.


If you check the checkbox, two options will be shown as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

  • 1-Minimum Order Amount : Enter the minimum amount to qualify discount.
  • 2-Percentage : Enter the discount percentage.
This rule will be applicable to all items in your store.
You can set discounts for each item/product separately. Learn more here.


Once you enter a biography about your store, it will appear on your Store Page.

You can add media, links, texts, etc.

Vendor Dashboard View

When your store visitors click on the Vendor Biography, it will show up like the screenshot below 👇🏻

Biography as seen on Store Page

Enable Support

Select this option to show the support button on the store page.

If you check this Check Box, a support button will appear on your store.

Support Button Text : Show text that should appear on your store page.

Support Button as seen on Store Page
Customers Can Contact Using Support Option
Support Messages will appear under Support on Vendor Dashboard

Enable Live Chat

If you enable live chat a WhatsApp button will appear on your Store Page.

Remember to enter your Whatsapp Number with Country Code. It is recommended to use a separate number for Business.
WhatsApp Live Chat as seen on Store Page
Don’t forget to click on Update Settings after updating information.


That’s it, it is very easy to set up your store profile. It should not take more than 5 mins.

Having an enticing store profile will attract customers.

Thank you for reading.

Still need assistance! Get Support.
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