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This article will guide you in opening a Vendor Account.

Tip 1: You can open Vendor Account in less than 3 minutes.
Tip 2: You can start selling as soon as you open a Vendor Account.

Open Website

First of all go to website. Click on My Accounts in the header section.

Go to Registration section.

Registration Section
Enter Credentials

Enter your Credentials (First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, Mobile Number and Password).

Select I am a vendor. A few more details will appear for filling as soon as you select I am a vendor.

Enter your Credentials & select “I am a vendor”
  1. Enter Shop’s Name : Fill up your Shop’s Name.
  2. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  3. Click Register.

NOTE : Shop URL will be checked for availability. It can be different from your Shop Name. If the URL is already taken by someone else, it will not be available. So there may be requirement to change your URL.

Your URL will be You need to choose “shopname” in the URL based on what you want. URL cannot be changed later however, you can change shop name.

OTP Confirmation

Then confirm your mobile number with the OTP that you will receive on the mobile number you entered.

Enter OTP & Click SUBMIT OTP
OTP verification has been made mandatory to avoid spams.
Email Confirmation

As soon as you click SUBMIT OTP the following notice will appear for email verification.

Email Verification Notice

Check your Email and Verify.

Email Verification
On confirming your Email, you will be taken to Store Setup.

Store Setup

Store Setup page will show as soon as you confirm your email. Click on “Let’s Go!” to set up your store.

Note : If you don’t setup your vendor at this stage, you need to go to Setting from Vendor Dashboard and setup your store to make your store to appear in the Marketplace.

Store Setup

Then enter the following details to setup your shop.

  1. Store Products Per Page : Enter the number of products that you want to show per page in your shop.
  2. Street, Street 2, City, Post/Zip Code, Country & State : Enter address of your shop.
  3. Store Categories : Select store category. You can select more than one category.
  4. Email : Choose whether you want to show your email on your store page or not.
  5. Click Continue.
Enter Details Of Your Store

Once you click Continue above, you will be taken to Payment Setup.

Here you enter your bank details. This is the account on which money will be transferred whenever you apply for withdrawal.

Payment Setup

Once your click Continue or Skip this step in payment setup, your store set up is complete.

Store Is Ready

You can click Go to Store Dashboard ! to go to vendor dashboard or Return to Marketplace to continue shopping. You will be able to see your Shop in the Marketplace.

If you have not completed your store setup, you need to complete it from settings to make your store appear in the marketplace.

Please refer store set up article to learn how to show your store in a map and be found by Customers nearby.


That’s all in opening a Vendor Account. It is easy and takes less than 3 minutes.

Thank you for reading.

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