How To Create Product Subscription?

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This article describes how to create product subscription on MyMakBuddy.

Product subscription is an excellent way for collection of money for product or service that you provide continuously.
There are two type of product subscription – Simple Subscription and Variable Subscription.


Simple Subscription – As the name says, these are simple subscriptions

Variable Subscription – These are like variable product. These are subscriptions where variations can be set.

Create A Product

To create a subscription product, create a product normally. Go to Products and click on Add new product as shown in the screenshot below.


Screenshot 2021 06 21 At 13.49.55


Once you add the product, go to edit of the product in the added product list.


Screenshot 2021 06 21 At 14.09.12


Using Simple Subscription

To set your subscription to simple, select the Simple Subscription product type from the drop-down box of Product Type.


Screenshot 2021 06 21 At 14.13.55


Once you set Product Type to Simple Subscription, you will get all the options to set up simple subscription.


Screenshot 2021 06 21 At 14.22.59


Subscription Price


1. Set the actual amount of the product

2. Every – Set when charge should be made. You have options of every, every 2nd, every 3rd, every 4th, every 5th, every 6th.

3. Periodicity – You have options of day, week, month, year.


Sale Price


4. Set the price on which you want to sell the subscription.


You can even schedule price for a date range by clicking the option Schedule.


Subscription Expire After – You can set when the subscription will expire. You have the following options:-


  • If you select Day in No 3 above – 1 day to 90 days
  • If you select Week in No 3 above – 1 week to 52 weeks
  • If you select Month in No 3 above – 1 month to 24 months
  • If you select Year in No 3 above – 1 year to 5 years


Sign up Fee


6. You can charge a sign up fee for availing your subscription. It is optional. You can also leave it blank.


This sign-up fee is in addition to any recurring amount that you have set for the subscription product.


For Example – If you create a subscription product for ₹70 per month with a ₹100 sign-up fee, the subscription’s initial total during checkout will be ₹170. And from the second month the subscription charge will be ₹70 per month.


However, when a subscription has a sign-up fee and a free trial, only the sign-up fee is charged at the beginning of the subscription period.


If there is no free trial period set on the subscription product with a sign-up fee, the price charged = sign-up fee + recurring first month’s total.


Free Trial


This period is added to any length you set for the subscription.


For example – if you create a subscription of ₹50 per month for 6 months with a 1-month free trial period, the subscription will expire after 7 months.

If you need any assistance in creating subscription, feel free to contact support. We will assist you in creating subscription.

Using Variable Subscription

Variable Subscription is like variable product. You need to create variations to use this subscription.


You can even create variations based on Locations.


To set your subscription to variable, select the Variable Subscription product type from the drop-down box of Product Type.


Screenshot 2021 06 21 At 15.00.51


Now, you need to add Attributes. Click on the Add Attribute button.




Then add attributes and add values to generate variation. While adding values of a variation press enter/use “|” sign on you keyboard to enter next value.




You can create more than one attribute and generate combinations upto 50 at one time automatically. Refer the video below to learn how to create variations using more than one attribute.
Remember if you don’t enter values of each variation, it will not appear on product page.


Creating product subscription on My Mak Buddy is easy. Once a customer subscribes to any subscription, details will appear on User Subscriptions Section on the Vendor Dashboard.


Thank you for reading.

Still need assistance! Get Support.
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