How To Create A Variable Product?

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This article will help you to understand the following:-

  • What is a Variable Product?
  • How to create Variable Product on My Mak Buddy?
Tip 1: You can use product variation to sell products that have numerous variants.
Tip 2: You can even manage stock for each variation.

What Are Variable Products?

Variable Products are a product type that lets you offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation.

What is Attribute?

A quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something is Attribute.

Example:- Size, Colour, Capacity, Content, etc.

What is Variation?

A change or slight difference in condition, amount, or level, typically within certain limits is Variation.


  • Size – small, medium, large
  • Colour – black, white, red, green
  • Capacity – 50Kg, 100 litre, 2 hour etc.
  • Content – Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Polished etc.

The remaining part of the article will teach you how to create Variable Products on MyMakBuddy.

Create A Product First

Go to Vendor Dashboard → Product → Add New product

Add New Product
Click on Add new product

There are several mandatory fields at the start, like product name, category, price etc. Fill them up so that you can move on the later sections without interruption. Now, click on the Create Product button and it will redirect you to the product edit page.

Dokan Variable Product Create
Create Product

Change To Variable Product

In this stage, select which type of product you are willing to create. Here, we are creating a variable product. So, select Variable from the Product Type drop-down menu. Now, provide product category and tags so that your customer can easily find your product from your store.

Select Variable Product
Change Product Type To Variable

Enable Variation

Now scroll down to the Attribute & Variation section from where you can manage different variations and attributes for your variable product.

Add Attribute Variation
Add Attribute & Variation

Create Attribute

You can create a new attribute by selecting Custom Attribute and click on the Add attribute button.

Now, provide the attribute Name and their values. You can create more values by entering ‘|’ character after providing a value.

Creating Attributes Variables
Create Attribute Such As Colour, Size Etc

Create Variation

To create new variations of your product from the provided value, select Create variations from all attributes.

You can also create single variables according to your requirements by selecting Add variation option.

After choosing your option, click on the Go button and it will generate possible variations from your attributes automatically.

Creating New Variables
Create Variations
You can also edit old variations as per requirement.

Editing Saved Variation

From the screenshot below, you can see that all the possible variations for the product has been generated. Now, you can edit generated variations according to your requirements.

Created Variables List
Edit Saved Variation

Now, click on the down arrow button of any of the variations that you want to edit. It will open description and SKU option for that variation.

Variable Product Description

You can also tick the Checkbox – Manage Stock? to manage stock for each variation.


Managing product variations is easy in My Mak Buddy. A little effort can give customer wide range of varieties for them to buy from your store.

Thank you for reading.

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