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This article describes how to customize an added product.

Tip 1: My Mak Buddy gives a lot of features to customize your product.

Second Part

This is the second part of the added product customization.

The following will be covered in this article.

  • Inventory
  • Geolocation
  • Add-ons
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Shipping and Tax
  • Linked Products
  • Attribute
  • Discount Options
  • RMA Options
  • Wholesale Options
  • Other Options


Customise Added Product Inventory
  1. SKU : Stock Keeping Unit. If you follow SKU, you can enter the SKU number in this column. You can leave it blank if you don’t have SKU for your products.
  2. Stock Status : There are three options – In Stock, Out of Stock, On Backorder.
    • In Stock : Use this if you are willing to sell and you have the product in stock.
    • Out of Stock : Use this if the product is out of stock or you don’t want customer to buy your product by showing product out of stock.
    • On Backorder : If you enable this, your customer will be able to buy but the stock is currently unavailable and will shortly be available.
  3. Enable product stock management : If you select this check box you will be able to enter stock quantity and low stock threshold.
  4. Stock quantity : Enter the stock of product available with you. (Don’t forget to give due consideration to backorder)
  5. Low stock threshold : Enter the stock level when low stock notification should be shown to the customers.
  6. Allow Backorders : If you enable this you will allow customers to order even when stock is not available with you.
  7. One Quantity : If you select this checkbox, you will allow customers to order only one quantity of the product in a single order.


  1. Same as store : If you select this checkbox, the location of your product will be shown as your store. If you uncheck this you will also have the option of setting product location in the next two steps. (Handy for those who allow pickup of products from different locations like those who deal with furnitures)
  2. Product Location : You can enter the location.
  3. Map : You can zoom in and out. You can also move around the placeholder 📍 and set accurate location.


In this section, you can manage add-ons for the products. Add-ons are the extras added to the product like gift wrap, packing, customization, etc. You can even charge for add-ons on My Mak Buddy.

Customise Added Product Add Ons
Customize Added Product (Part – 2) 16

Click on Add Field to add add-ons. Customizations possible are listed below in the form of a chart. A separate article on Add-ons will be published shortly for a better understanding for Vendors/Sellers.

Cusrtomise Added Procuct Add Ons Options Available
Add-Ons available on My Mak Buddy


Customise Added Product Seo

You can always leave this blank. If you want to optimise for search engines, then only use this section.

  1. General : Under this section you can edit snippet, add focus keyword, check how good is you your SEO under the following heads:-
    • Basic SEO
    • Additional
    • Titlle Readability
    • Content Readability
  2. Advanced : You can control every aspect of your store’s SEO for products here. It is simple and easy. Read more!
  3. Schema : Schema is the most recognized form of structured data which will appear on Search results. You can leave it as it is. It is already set by us correctly.
  4. Social : You can set title, permalink descriptions that you want to appear on Facebook and Twitter here.
  5. Edit Snippet :
    • The snippet is a single search result in a set of search results and generally consists of a title, a URL and a description of the page.
    • The content of a snippet matches parts of the search query and you’ll see your keyword highlighted in the snippet description.
  6. Focus Keyword :
    • The focus keyword or keyphrase is the search term that you want a page or post to rank for most.
    • When people search for that phrase, they should find you.
  7. Basic SEO : This will help in adding focus keyword at different places for SEO.
  8. Additional : This section will help in adding focus keyword at additional locations for SEO.
  9. Title Readability : This section will help in setting the tright title for SEO.
  10. Content Readability : This section will help in making the content (short and long descriotion) more readable to get better rank in SEO.

Shipping And Tax

Customise Added Product Shipping And Tax
  1. This product requires shipping : If you check this check box, you will have the option of choosing shipping class and add dimensions of the productweight, length, width & height.
  2. Shipping Class : You can choose four type of class in My Mak Buddy – No shipping class, Large Sized Item, Middle Sized Item & Small Sized Item.
  3. Tax Status : There are three option – Taxable, Shipping Only & None.
  4. Tax Class : There are three option – Standard, Reduced rate & Zero rate.

Linked Products

Customise Added Product Linked Product
Customize Added Product (Part – 2) 17
  1. Upsells : Upsells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product, for example – products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive.
  2. Cross-sells : Cross-sells are products which you promote in the cart, based on the current product.


Attributes add extra data to your products. Attributes are also useful for searching and filtering products. If you give attributes to products, users can filter using them.

  1. You can create your own custom attribute or select one of the attribute already created by MyMakBuddy.
  2. Click on Add attribute.

Once you click Add Attribute, the following will appear:-

Customise Added Product After Adding Attributes
Here Two Attributes been added “Fabric” & “Color”
  1. Fabric has two values – Cotton and Washable
  2. Colour also has two values – Black and White

Points To Be Kept In Mind

  • While adding values press enter or hit vertical bar “|” key on your keyboard to add another value.
  • Remember to select Visible on the product page.

3. Don’t forget to click on Save Attribute and Save Product.

Now the saved attributes will appear as Specification on the product page like the screenshot below 👇🏻

Discount Options

  1. Enable bulk discount : If you check this, you can offer customers discount on buying a particular number (quantity) of products.
  2. Minimum quantity : Enter the quantity after which discount will be eligible.
  3. Discount : Enter the percentage of discount that you offer.

RMA Options

RMA stands for return merchandise authorization which is basically the warranty provided.

  1. Overide : If you check this option, you will override the warranty that you have set for your store as a whole in settings (Vendor Dashboard > Settings > RMA)
  2. Label : By default, it is Warranty, you can edit the label Eg. Free Repair
  3. Type : There are three options – No Warranty, Warranty Included and Warranty as Add-On
    • No Warranty – Use this when you don’t provide any warranty.
    • Warranty Included – Use this when you want to give warranty without any extra charge. Once you choose this you can manage the following.
      • LengthLimited or Lifetime. If you choose limited, you can chose days, weeks, months and years
      • If you choose Limited, you can use length value(number) and length duration (days or weeks or months or years).
    • Warranty as Add-On – Use this if you want to charge for the warranty you are providing. If you choose this you will find the following to customise. You can add more than one add-on by clicking the plus sign.
      • Cost – Amount that you charge
      • Duration – Duration during which the warranty is valid. Eg. 3 months, 6 months. You can set it in days, weeks, months and years.
  4. RMA Policy : Describe your RMA (return Merchandise Authorisation) in detail for convenience of your customers.

Wholesale Options

If you want to sell products as wholesale also then set your setting in this section.

  1. Enable : Select this check box to enable wholesale price of the product.
  2. Wholesale Price : Set your wholesale price.
  3. Minimum Quantity for Wholesale : Set your minimum quantity for applying wholesale price automatically.

Other Options

You can set product status and visibility in this section.

  1. Product Status : You can set as product status as online or draft.
  2. Visibility : You can set the product visibility to Visible, Catalog, Search or Hidden
    • Visible – Product will be visible
    • Catalog – Product will be visible in catalog only
    • Search – Product will be visible only in search
    • Hidden – Product will not be visible to any customer
  3. Purchase Note : Whatever you write here will appear on the order email that will be sent to the customer.


That was all in how to customize added products in My Mak Buddy.

Thank you for reading.

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