Customise Added Product (Part – 1)

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This article describes how to customise an added product.

Tip 1: Customisation of product is very important to sell the product based on our convenience.

The first part is similar to the previous article.

Add Product First Part
Customise Added Product (Part – 1) 2


1. You can change/edit the title in this section.

2. You can edit the permalink (link of the product) in this section. You can also leave it as it is.

Product Type

3. You can select the type of product in this section.

  • Simple
  • Variable (Choose variable if your product has multiple attributes like sizes, colour, quality etc.)
  • External/Affiliate Product
  • Group Product
  • Simple Subscription
  • Variable Subscription

Downloadable Or Virtual

4. If the product is downloadable or virtual set it here.

If the product is downloadable like pdf, song, video choose downloadable. If it is virtual then choose virtual. Virtual products are intangible and are not shipped (can be downloadable).

Price, Discount & Schedule

5. You can set the price and discount here. You can also schedule the discounted price for a date range. It is to be entered in dd-mm-yyyy format.


Edit the price of the product if needed.

Discounted Price

Edit the discounted price if needed.


6. You can change/edit the category of the product. You can choose more than one category.


7. You can change/edit tags in this section. You can add more than one tag.

HSN Code

8. Enter the HSN Code of the product here. HSN Code is required to make it legally compliable.

Click here to find out the HSN Code of your Product

Short Description

9. You can change/edit short descriptions in this section.


10. You can change/edit the description in this section.


You can change the photo or add more than one photo.


The first part is similar to adding a product article. Read the rest in the second part in the next article.

Thank you for reading.

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