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Learn how to add costs for booking products such as appointments, product bookings, room rents, rentals, etc.

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You can add three types of costs. Refer to the screenshot below 👇🏻

Add Booking Product Costs

1. Base Cost – It is applied regardless of a customer’s choices on the booking form.

2. Block Cost – It is the cost per block. If a customer books multiple blocks, this cost is multiplied by the number of blocks booked.

3. Display Cost – This cost is displayed to the user on the front end. Leave blank to have it calculated for you. If a booking has varying costs, the lowest available cost is shown and is prefixed with the word “From:”.

4. Add Range – You can define and add extra costs. This works similar to availability. Click on Add Range to add extra costs or varying costs.

A row will appear once you click on Add Range where you can input the range type, from/to, and cost as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

Add Booking Product Cost Add Range

The from/to values differ based on the range type:

  • Date range – from/to will show a date picker field
  • Range of months – from/to will show a dropdown of months (January to December)
  • Range of weeks – from/to will show a dropdown of weeks (1 to 52)
  • Range of days – from/to will show a dropdown of days of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Time range – from/to will show time inputs
  • Date range with time – set based on a custom date range
  • Persons count – from/to will show number inputs
  • Block count – from and to will show number inputs

Base cost and Block cost can be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided by the amount you enter. You can also directly set the costs applied for the rule.

Rows can be removed by clicking the X on the far right, or dragged and dropped to sort using the handle on the far left.


This article was created with an aim to make the complete article on Booking simpler.

Thank you for reading.

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