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This article will guide you on how to become a wholesale customer on MyMakBuddy Connected E Market.

Some stores may offer discounts on wholesale of products. You can become a wholesale customer to avail this discount.

It is always a good idea to buy items in bulk to avail low prices of wholesale.

Become A Wholesale Customer

Go to Customer Dashboard and click on “Become a wholesale customer“.

Become A Wholesale Customer
Click On “Become a wholesale customer”

As soon as you click on “Become a wholesale customer“, a notice will appear like the following screenshot 👇🏻

Become A Wholesale Customer Confirmation
Successful Confirmation

After the successful confirmation of becoming a Wholesale Customer, you will start seeing wholesale prices of the products set by the Seller/Vendor.

Please note that you will see wholesale prices only when the Seller/Vendor sets a separate wholesale price for the product (which may be based on a specific quantity).


That was all that you need to do to become a Wholesale Customer on MyMakBuddy to enjoy the benefits of wholesale prices set by the Sellers/Vendors.

Thank you for reading.

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